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Patent no. US  12/537198 Registration no. 08030237
Name of the invention Linear dielectric thin film composition having high dielectric constant and low loss explored by con
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I.P sector Medical & Health
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I.P Abstract & Summary The present invention relates to a dielectric thin film composition showing linear dielectric properties, in which tin oxides (SnO2) are introduced into a (Ba,Sr)TiO3 (BSTO) dielectric thin film in a continuous diffusion gradient manner in composition. Since the non-linear dielectric properties of BSTO are converted to linear dielectric properties by the addition of SnO2 according to the present invention, the dielectric thin film composition of the present invention is characterized in that: there is little change in the capacitance according to the applied electric field; it has a high dielectric constant capable of showing a desired capacitance even at a thickness suitable for preventing the occurrence of electron tunneling; and it exhibits paraelectric properties similar to the conventional dielectric substances such as SiO2 while having a very low dielectric loss.
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