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Intellectual property
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Patent no. US  12/477201 Registration no. 7990084
Name of the invention Linear stepping motor
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I.P sector Machine
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Commercialization information
I.P Abstract & Summary A linear motor includes a stator having teeth symmetrically formed on upper and lower surfaces thereof at regular pitch; a movable member including upper cores disposed above the stator, lower cores disposed below the stator in symmetrical with the upper cores, and yoke parts connecting the upper and the lower cores around the stator, wherein the upper and lower cores have upper and lower coils wound therearound, respectively; at least one gap sensor to detect the gap between the stator and the upper or lower core and the inclination of the movable member; a controller performing the levitation control by adjusting the amplitudes of currents applied to the upper and lower coils, based on the gap variation, and driving the linear motion by changing the current phases; and a multichannel voltage-to-current power amplifier of which each channel is connected to each coil of the upper and lower cores.
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