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Patent no. US  12/439938 Registration no. 7965006
Name of the invention Device for generating stiffness and joint of robot manipulator comprising the same
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I.P sector Machine
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Commercialization information
I.P Abstract & Summary A device for generating and varying stiffness, which may be applied to a joint of a robot manipulator, the stiffness generating device having a rotating shaft connected to a driven member; a rotor fixed to the rotating shaft and having arms comprising a magnetic element; a stator disposed to surround the rotor outside the arms and being connected to a drive motor; electromagnets fixed to an inner periphery of the stator and being opposed to each other about the rotating shaft, each having a core and a coil wound around the core; and means for applying current to the coils. One half of the electromagnets has N-poles at their inward ends and the other half of the electromagnets has S-poles at their inward ends. Current regulating means regulates the current being applied to the coils
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