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Patent no. US  11/586822 Registration no. 7898568
Name of the invention A display resolution doubling method and 3-dimensional display system
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I.P sector Electronics
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Commercialization information
I.P Abstract & Summary Disclosed is a display system capable of providing two and three-dimensional images. The display system comprises display means; a first polarizer located at a distance from a front surface of the display means; a display panel provided to a front of the first polarizer and regulating a polarization direction of light having passed through the first polarizer; and a second polarizer located at a distance from a front surface of the display panel, wherein each pixel of the second polarizer has a size of dividing a unit pixel of the display panel into two parts and two polarization states of each pixel are orthogonal to each other. By applying the structure, it is possible to manufacture a display system having a resolution increased by two times, as compared to a conventional display system. Accordingly, when developing a high resolution image display system requiring enormous development costs, it is possible to manufacture it using the two types of display systems. As a result, it is
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